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May 2024

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h2Power is an Ohio energy company offering Integrated Cooling, Heating, and Power (ICHP) by supplying efficient hydrogen fuel cell power connected with new technology to the homes and farms in the United States.




Residential Applications

h2Power Fuel Cells use Natural Gas, LPG, and Methane Gas to power, heat, and cool the home or multi-family unit. Our Integrated technology can develop micro-zoning for any application for better comfort and control of your environment. h2Power Fuel Cells are perfect to suport an off-grid lifestyle.

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A Low-Cost Charging Solution for EV Owners

H2Power’s fuel cell technology provides electric vehicle owners with a flexible and low-operating cost system that can interface with any car’s charging technology. We make installing a dedicated charging line easy and inexpensive, creating a consistent, low-cost energy source. Electric vehicle owners can have clean, consistent, and affordable power that is separate from the primary power grid of their homes. Flexible, reliable, and with lower operating costs, the H2Power fuel cell is an ideal option for EV owners.

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EV Charging

Solar Panels

Fuel Cell

Farm Applications

h2Power Fuel Cells use either Natural Gas, LPG, or biogases generated from the farm to power, heat, and cool the home and farm. Our proven h2Power Fuel Cells are a decentralized approach for energy consumption. The current power grid is replaced with a more efficient, more affordable alternative. Our customers enjoy energy independence from the grid, plus the option to sell extra power back to the grid.

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What Do h2Power Fuel Cells Do?

Heat, cool, and power home, farm buildings, or multi-family residential units providing grid independence – at lower cost and higher efficiency, with very low CO2 emissions, providing customers with a carbon-neutral footprint.

This clean, efficient power results from the intelligent way that h2Power Fuel Cells generate hydrogen energy through a simple and safe chemical reaction, which boasts an environmentally friendly, up to 95% efficiency, rating.

Eliminate the energy waste through the distribution of energy through the grid. The h2Power Fuel Cell stack unit serves as a fully independent power station for houses and apartment units, generating heating, cooling, and electricity.

What Do h2Power Fuel Cells Do For You?

Designed to help save money and the environment. Whether you want to heat, cool, or provide power to your home, farm buildings, or multi-family residential units, h2Power fuel cells do it far more efficiently and more affordably.

  • Customers get more heating and cooling comfort with the power generated with less energy use.
  • De-centralize power away from the grid, providing you with true energy independence by converting natural gas, LP, or biogases generated from the farm, into electric power. You can even sell extra power back to the grid.
  • If you want to do something to preserve the environment, it’s nice to know that h2Power Fuel Cells are environmentally friendly, producing near-zero emissions.
Image and Diagram of Fuel Cell

How do h2Power Fuel Cells Work?

Our Fuel Cells generate green hydrogen energy through a simple and safe chemical reaction, which produces water and heat as by-products, while eliminating the power waste inherent in the grid. Customers get more heating and cooling comfort with power generated with less energy consumption.

  • Decreased energy waste. Consider the fact that when the average 6kW of home usage travels from the power company to a home, the home only receives about 2-3kW due to energy that is lost along the way. But the consumer still pays for 6kW. You deserve better.
  • Virtually no energy is lost if you power your home with an h2Power fuel cell. By comparison, the h2Power Fuel Cell stack system provides heating, cooling, and electric power combined for less cost.
  • The h2Power Fuel Cell stack unit either replaces the conventional gas boiler or provides adaptability to allow you to keep your existing infrastructure with our complete system in single-family or small multi-family homes, producing heat, cooling, and electrical output of 1000 Watts using natural gas. It also can convert biogases into heat and electricity in a highly efficient, environmentally friendly manner, easily meeting the need for room heating and hot water.
  • All this with near-Zero emissions.
Electrical output: 1 kW
Thermal output: 1.8 kW
Electrical efficiency: 35 %
Overall efficiency: 95 % (based on lower caloric value)
Fuel cell type: HEXIS Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)
Fuel preparation: Catalytic partial oxidation (CPO)
Operating method: modulating
Thermal output: 7 – 20 kW
Operating method: modulating, condensing
Fuel: Natural gas, bio methane
Energy efficiency: A++
Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height: 62 x 58 x 164 cm
Weight: 210 kg
Space requirements: 3 qm
Fuel: Natural gas, mains system pressure
Electrical connection: 230 V AC, 50 Hz

Benefits of h2Power

Eliminate Wasted Energy

Eliminates wasted energy inherent in the grid that users currently must pay for.

De-Centralize Power

De-centralize power, offering 100% energy independence from the grid, plus the option to sell power back to the grid. h2Power uses approximately 20% of the fuel used to heat/cool a home while also providing power

Replace Current Power System

Along with our complete adaptive system replaces current power systems by converting gas to hydrogen to maximize efficiency by heating, cooling, AND powering homes and farm buildings

Ensure Heating, Cooling, & Power

During grid outages, h2Power fuel cells ensure heating, cooling, hot water, and electrical power

Maintenance Friendly

Maintenance friendly, using standard components

Eliminates CO2 Emissions

It eliminates CO2 emissions, with quiet, user-friendly operation

Compact & Lightweight

The outdoor stack unit is roughly the size of a dishwasher. It pushes the water from the fuel cell source to the water heater.

Maintenance Support

h2Power provides complete maintenance support through Trained Techs

Renewable & Solar Energy

In the near future, h2Power Fuel Cells will also offer the use of renewables and solar energy

Funding Opportunities

Accessing funds to invest in energy-efficient technologies can be challenging. These specialized financing initiatives are designed to offer flexible and accessible financial solutions. Through strategic partnerships and community-focused approaches, harness the benefits of energy innovation, fostering economic resilience, and long-term growth within your community.

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